Friday, May 3, 2013

Follow Friday Fill In Four.

                                  Follow Friday Fill In Four!!!!!!


1.Sometimes I wonder __ If i choose the right career yet. 
2.I try not to but I get__Grumpy very easy when i don't get sleep. 
3. Today I promise that I will ___ Not be tired when i go into work tonight. until I ___ get everything done early. 
4.In my dreams I ___don't dream much and sometimes_ I do have dreams just very's i guess. 


  1. #1. completely get that. I've been at home now 7 years with children, and lately have been thinking that when I return next Fall -- I do not want to go back to the same job. Seems like a perfect time and chance for a career change.

  2. #1 is a tough one, I have wondered the same thing for a long time and am still wondering. But doing something else, starting from scratch again - it gets tougher the older you get. Oh well... I should have thought of your #2, but swap sleep for 'food' - hehehe.

  3. it is so hard to know #1 -