Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Friend Making Monday

    I haven't done this in awhile so i am linking up with Friend Making Monday.  5/14/2014

1.) Do you coupon.?
              Yes i do. It saves money. 
2.) How often do you weigh yourself.?
               About every other day. 
3.)What was your favorite tv show as a kid.?
            Boy meets world 
4.) How often do you drink alcohol ?
             Once a week, 
5.) Have you ever meet a celebrity  or a public figure that you really admire.?
            No not yet. 
6.)  If you had to choose between only your cell phone or only your laptop all week which would you choose?
            That's easy i will choose my cell phone. 
7.) What is your favorite brand of detergent?
 8.) If there was a movie about your life, who would play the role?
         That's a hard to choose. I am not sure. 
9.  What book are you currently reading?
           Nothing right now. But when i start my new job i will have more time to read so i am going to get back in the game with reading. I got some Amish books to catch up on.
10.  If you could spend one day on vacation anywhere in the world, which place would you choose?
     Anywhere where it's nice and warm.  

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