Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A New chapter:::: Ups& Downs ::: Falling in love with your best friend::: Zoo


            Hey Everyone. Well life has been full of up's and down's. I have changed my blog title for the third time but this is going to be it for along while. I am so sorry i feel like i have neglected my blogging. I just been so really busy lately. It's been sad and happy moments.

           One thing that has happen is that I am no longer engaged. He did not support me in my new job. I wanted to have someone who supports me and would be willing to have my back. then i found out he was talking to other girls. so i am glad that this had happened before we did get married. Then after we broke up he was telling everyone that i was controlling him and that i owned him.  The only thing i told him i didn't want him to hang out with single females that he wanted to so he could make friends. It's like we were suppose to get married so you should of stopped looking. I found out he was talking to other girls since last Oct and yet he got so mad when i was talking to my best friend Donald. Now what the heck... So i am thankful that i found out but it just hurt. then today he posted that he was so glad that he was free. So i knew he really wasn't ready to get married. Then why did you ask me. ? It's like really...........

       Anyways,  a good thing is. I may be moving to Columbus earlier then i thought. I have to go to Columbus this weekend and work till one at the new office. I have to give more paper work to the apt that i have applied too. I forgot a few things the last time. So i may be able to move in this weekend if everything goes into plan. Or if not hope next weekend.

     Another good thing is I honestly didn't see this coming but my friend Donald liked me before for    about forever now and i didn't want things to change between if we did decide to date. but i didn't know how truly i do care for him. I know i just got out of a bad relationship but I never been this happy before. Why can't all men be more like him.? It's so different then when i was with Ben  He truly does love me and i honestly thank god how things automatically work out.I never imaged how it would be and i am falling in love with my best friend every day. We are taking it slow so i am truly blessed that he can wait till i am ready...... I thought i was in love with Ben but after being with Donald that i never thought thing good be so great and wonderful.........

   So i am in between things at the moment. But life is better now and i am so thankful to have such  wonderful family and friends that are with me all the way. Also grateful for Donald for waiting for me and showing me what love is really like....

     Donald and i went to the zoo the other day and here are a few photos that i took. It was hot and muggy out but we had a great time. Some of the things people were talking about we were laughing so hard all day. I enjoyed myself. Ben would never to things like this.Why are men so different.? lol.





 Here kitty kitty....... lol


Poler Bears     My favorite
   My phone died on me so i didn't get to many photos that day but i got what i wanted......


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