Thursday, May 9, 2013

New job career opperutunity:: Link up with jake and holly finish the sentence link-up.


          Hey Everyone. Well life has been up and down lately. I just don't want to talk about that part but the part that i do want to talk about is my new job opportunity.  I got offered a great job opportunity that i never thought that i would be eligible for in a million years.  So here it is. I was offered a job opportunity to be a assistant manager. I would have to move to Columbus for the job. I am thinking about taking it because it does usually only happen once in a life time. I have till the end of march to decided. Won't take effect till middle of June. So i have to make a tough decision.

         Of course Ben don't like the idea of me taking the job. He doesn't want me to go. But if he loves me enough he will let me take the job and we will just deal and continue on with are wedding even if i am in Columbus. But he has been a little not supportive about this career opportunity.I just don't know what i really want to do yet. My heart says take it yet my head says no. I am just in a rut i guess you can say. I am praying and praying so i guess i am going to wait and see. I have till the 25th to decide.

    Besides from that it's been a rocky with any way. been working third all week. Getting my schedule tomorrow and paycheck. I am so stressed out right now about this i just need sometime alone and some thinking time........

    Well, i am linking up with Holly and Jake with finish the sentence:

My best friend says...    No matter what happens in life you always have me by your side. :) 
People call me...    Lot's of things. But they don't know me and what my life is consist of. 
The best part of my day...   Is coming home from working third and going to bed. 
I really don't understand.....    Men at times. 
I get really annoyed...      When my boyfriend don't pick up after himself. 
There's nothing like a...   Jack Daniels and smores on a beautiful night. 
Lately, I can't get enough...   Sleep. Since working third i can't sleep enough. 
One thing I am NOT is...    Messy because my boyfriend can tell you i am a neat freak. 
 I spent too much money on...   My wedding dress. lol 
I want to learn....   How to speak Italian. 
If I ever met Jake in real life , I would...   show him a good time.
I can't stop...  Thinking about my new job career opportunity
Never have I ever...  liked clowns. 
Reese Witherspoon...   is clearly a respectable women. Even after her little incident her apology was the best one that was made from a celebrity. 


  1. Last year my husband was offered a management job. Which we had to decide if he wanted it.He could have decided to travel back and forth {the price of gas} or to move to Ohio. We did a pro and con list. Well we are living in Ohio now since Oct.2012. We couldn't let a good oppertunity pass up for my hubby. Good luck on what you decide

    1. Thank Fiancée Isn't Supporting Me On This. And I Wish He Would. I Feel Like I Have To Choose Between Job Or My Relationship Right Now. I Have Support From My Freinds And Family They Are Happy for Me And Wish Me The Best In Life.
      I Live Close To Mount Vernon And It Takes An Hour And 10 Min To Get To Columbus From Home So I Would Be Moving If I Take The Job.
      I've Been Praying About It And It Sees Like God Has Been Calling Me To Go But My Fiancée Is Telling Me no But I Am Going To Listen To God And He Will Lead Me To Wear I Should Be. Thanks Again. :)