Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday stealing.......

                                      Catching up with Sunday Stealing....

                          Weird Question Meme part 1:

 1.) Do you wear slippers.? 
              Only in the winter time since my feet get cold.
 2.)How many pictures are in your living room.? 
              None right now. Still in a box.
 3.)Do you ever watch the Brady bunch reruns.? 
               Sometimes not to often though. 
 4.)Are you allergic to anything.? 
             Yes i am,i am allergic to a few laundry detergents and softeners, and dairy products.
 5.)When was the last time you called in sick.? 
             Oh wow i guess it would of been when back in winter time last year when i had the 24 hour flu bug, that would of been at my last job at west view. 
 6.) Have you ever been in a car accident.? 
            Yes i have and the other person had to pay half for my new car. Since it was there fault. 
 7.)What is your favorite snack food.? 
             Pretzels or fluffy popcorn. 
 8.)Have you ever seen a tornado,? 
            No and don't really want to......
 9.)If you won a million dollars what would you buy first.? 
             I would buy a little house cottage, 
 10.) What time is it right now.? 
              10:30 am  
 11.) Do you think it is cool for men to wear flip flops.? 
               I don't know i guess if we can wear them why can't they.? 
 12.) How many pair of shoes do you own.? 
               2 pair of clogs and tennis shoes. 
  13.) Do you think you are a hypochondriac?
                    No i don't think so. 
   14.)Do you own a dictionary.? 
                     No but i have one on my phone. 
  15.) Where was the last place you went on vacation.? 
                   Missouri with my parents. 
  16.) Do you talk about your friends behind there back.? 
                    No. i don't i only give out info if they ask how they are. 
   17.) Are you actually fat but in denial about it, ? 
               Nope i know i am and need to go out and get back to walking again. My boyfriend hates it when i say i am fat but sometimes i feel blah and just hear some other people say negative things and it bothers me but i bounce back knowing that i am happy with the way that i am. 
 18.) What color is your mouse pad.? 
             Don't have one. i use my laptop built in mouse. 
  19.) Does your kitchen have a theme.? 
             Yep a red kitchen. might turn into some blue too. 


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  1. Yeah I left the fat question off of mine lol
    Happy blogging, Sunday Stealing brought me here.