Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Quiz about me....................

                                               Monday Quiz About Me...........
                                                             Acting Balanced

1. June 10th is Iced Tea Day - do you drink iced tea?  Sweet or unsweet?  Flavoured? 
                          No thank you. I am not a iced tea fan....
2. What would be an essential for you to survive a long airplane flight?
                            Read a book, watch a movie, or sleep 
3. How do you explain wanting an iron to someone who does not speak English?
                             I guess describe it to them.
4. Should smoking be allowed in restaurants?
                           I think smoking should not be allowed in restaurants. 


  1. It seems the general consensus so far is that smoking should not be allowed in restaurants. I am glad to see that! Maybe someday it will be completely banned from public places.

    Have a great week!